About GTA

Mission / Vision

Mission Statement

Armed with a drive to keep bettering itself with each passing year, GTA is deeply committed to supplying high quality products within stringent timelines at competitive market rates. The mission is not only to live up to customer faith but to exceed expectations.

GTA is a socially responsible organization that endeavors to bring in change at a grass root level with a lasting impact on local communities. It strives to lay a foundation through its commitments to the many social projects, on which a larger platform of social change is perceptible.

Hanger Division

A pioneer in hangers in the Middle East and African region, GTA was the first to produce garment hangers for the American markets in Dubai, Jordan, Kenya and South Africa. Relentless innovation in production and the ability to provide economical and reliable solutions to garment manufacturers has ensured that GTA is always ahead of the industry.

Plastics Division

With a dedicated Research and Development team, the GTA plastic division is constantly innovating and upgrading the product line with a comprehensive use of the latest available technology. The team maintains vigilance on global technological advancement, ensuring that at any given point in time GTA is in tandem with the market demands. An example of this is that GTA is the first company in the Middle East to build Maintenance Free Battery Boxes for the Automotive Industry and Traction Battery Boxes for the Forklift Industry.

The Environment

Being an environmentally conscientious organization, GTA prides itself on the use of 100% recyclable plastic in whichever products that it possibly can, urging its customers always to move to a conscientious choice for its raw material. It currently produced majority of its hangers using recycled PP and PS with additives to provide strength and stability to the products. In addition it also has now converted its entire Traction Battery range to using 100% recycled plastic instead of virgin plastic. This endeavor will continue as much as possible to provide value to its customers and also be environmentally conscious in developing new products and transitioning existing lines to a more sustainable choice.