About GTA

Mission / Vision

Mission Statement

GTA a company dedicated to provide quality plastic products, on time every time at the most competitive prices to meet the present and future needs of the market.

GTA is also dedicated to social responsibility and will make a continued effort to serve the local community and be actively involved in social projects which will try and enhance the world we live in today, even if it means making a small difference.

Hanger Division

GTA has since its inception been a pioneer in hangers in the Middle East and African region, being the first to produce garment hangers for the American markets in Dubai. We have been maintaining a consistent leadership in the market due to our relentless innovation in production. We continuously strive to bring our products closer to our customers by making it economical and reliable for garment manufacturers around the Middle East and Africa in turn help to service the American Retailers in a timely and cost effective manner..

Plastics Division

GTA is dedicated to Research and Development of new products and continuously updating to keep ourselves ahead in the marketplace. Keeping in touch with the latest technologies and monitoring the application of these technologies in our markets will be a continuous task for the GTA team.

The Environment

GTA prides itself on being environment-friendly organization by using plastics which can be 100% recycled.